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Mike Finkelstein
Director of Project Management, Nest

I spent a decade working in DC’s famous food scene managing bars and restaurants. Talk about real time drama! The stars truly need to align for a night to unfold perfectly in the hospitality world. At Nest, the drama is as rich as some menu items. We’ve seen it all. Again and again. Since 2014, in my project director role, I track complicated projects from beginning to end, ensuring our properties weather even the most complicated “storms” and the residents experience little to no disruption along the way. Think roof replacements, renovation and restoration after a flood or other “bump in the night” issues that can impact a home and its inhabitants. I’m the guy you want on your side to ensure a return to normal as quickly as possible. Calm during the storm is my thing. I oversee our after hours/on-call efforts and keep our vendors busy and happy to ensure our call is the first one they respond to when our number pops up. When I’m not fire fighting, you will find me giggling with my two kiddos, preferably in the ocean, a pool or lake on a sunny day!


Love ownership but miss the ease of being a renter? At Nest, we’ve been successfully tending to tenants and homes for a decade. Now, we’re thrilled to offer management services to homeowners through our BirdWatch program.

Coming home shouldn’t be stressful. But often, maintaining a home is just that. Particularly when our typical urban dweller is all in on work and family. Let BirdWatch handle things for you. From plumbing to electrical, service contracts to emergency repairs, we’re versed in and thriving in the maintenance and management setting. When you partner with us, it’s like installing a pressure relief valve. Pun intended.

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