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Dee Dee Shannon
Director of Maintenance

Growing up in paradise (Jamaica), nothing was more exciting than the idea of the American Dream. So, I made the decision to take my talents to South Beach - literally. My love for sports and communications landed me at one of the best NFL teams in the nation where I worked in PR! When you work in PR, you learn early on that you're in the client service business. You also learn that you're swimming in a tank filled with sharks. Luckily for me, I was rescued by Nest in 2016. I got my start in leasing, connecting potential residents with their ideal homes and interfacing with clients to be sure they understood their investments were in good hands. These years in the field offered an exceptional insight into how our portfolio performs best and how important it is to have our spaces stay in top notch condition. In early 2019, I slid into the Director of Maintenance role where I now oversee our field technicians who meet the ever changing needs of our residents and ensure our units are a cut above the rest. Together with my crew, we might disagree on which teams should take the winning spot - but we’re fully aligned in wanting to offer a best in class service no matter the issue to each and every resident in all eight wards of our stellar city.


Love ownership but miss the ease of being a renter? At Nest, we’ve been successfully tending to tenants and homes for a decade. Now, we’re thrilled to offer management services to homeowners through our BirdWatch program.

Coming home shouldn’t be stressful. But often, maintaining a home is just that. Particularly when our typical urban dweller is all in on work and family. Let BirdWatch handle things for you. From plumbing to electrical, service contracts to emergency repairs, we’re versed in and thriving in the maintenance and management setting. When you partner with us, it’s like installing a pressure relief valve. Pun intended.

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